Career Course

The Dynamics and Practice of Hypnotherapy

For those who have a deep interest in the fascinating subject of hypnosis. Wish to pursue a career in hypnotherapy. Are interested in expanding their practice and potential in the use of hypnosis as an adjunct to their present occupation.


Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal:

People have always wanted to lose weight effortlessly, stop smoking without fighting off the urges and control their stress without taking drugs, and to do so, the world has recently taken to the ancient art of Self Hypnosis.

In 1958, the American Medical Association accepted the utilization of hypnosis for therapeutic help as hypno-anesthesia. Because of this acceptance by such a prestigious organization, hypnosis has taken that huge quantum leap from the mystical to the medically accepted.

This reporter has checked with some 20 cities in the United States and found a lack of schools to help train Hypnotherapists and the major student complaints about these schools are cost and time.

Dr. Marshall Rockwell M.D. said, that he recommends his patients to a local lay Hypnotherapist that he has confidence in, even though the therapist has no formal training. Dr. Rockwell says, all it takes is a mature person with a basic understanding of human nature, a desire to help others and a few hours of training.

This reporter sees this as a new four star career to get into while the demand is so great, and with no end to it's need in the near future.

Milton Schaefer
Special Health Reporter

Wall Street Journal

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