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The Institute for Hypnotherapy since 1957

We wrote the book

Over the past half century, more than a quarter of a million people have attended our one session program, more than half that number by personal or medical recommendation.
If you are ready for a new adventure and are motivated to take charge of your life, now is the time to begin.

If you have been on diet after diet, whether by weekly meetings, diet pills, or behavior modification programs, only to quickly return to your old eating habits---here is a way to reduce and control your weight permanently.
For most people, overheating is a conditioned habit, and we are the experts in breaking bad habits.
Don't worry if you have tried to quit and failed---over 85% who take our program quit smoking immediately, without anxiety or weight gain. If you feel it is time to quit smoking this is the easy and painless way to do it.
Wouldn't everyone breathe easier if you did? Especially you!
 When you are exposed to excessive physical or emotional demands, you enter a "stress" state and your body goes through a series of changes to meet those demands. Stress is not always obvious. Most people assume that the absence of recognizable stress implies that they are relaxed.

But prolonged exposure to stress can become so familiar that many are no longer aware of its unremitting presence. This lack of sensitivity can be particularly dangerous for the individual who accepts larger and larger loads until they "overload."

According to Dr. Harold Wolf of Cornell University's Medical College, "Man's attempts to adapt to life's situations which do not fulfill his needs, which frustrate his aspirations, or which place heavy conflicting demands upon him, are very often associated with increased susceptibility to all forms of illness."

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The Institute for Hypnotherapy since 1957